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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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Gibraltar, visit to, L 80, 86; the
garrison, 86

Girgenti, in Sicily, L 188

Gluck, his opera of Orphte i. 15 \
his style of music, 1$, 358

Goitres, i. 270, 325

Gontaut, M. and madame, ii. 219,

Gordon, lord George, ii. 3

Gower, George Granville, earl, am-
bassador at Paris, ii. 139

Grammont, duchess de, ii. 23, 29,


Grande Croix, La, plain near, re-
markable for botanical produc-
tions, i. 269

Grant, the abb6, at Rome, i. 206,
209, 314; his account of the re-
bellion in Scotland, 206

Grantham, lord, i. 98, no

Grapes of Naples, i. 139

Greek church at Rome, i. 215

GrŁgoire, abb6, ii. 76

Grenada, city of, i. 73; palace of
the Alhambra described, i. 64,
74; the Generalise or Moorish
king's palace, at, 67; the river
Xenil, near, 67, 73; the Sierra
Nevada, 73

Grenville, William, baron, ii. 200,
249, 257

Grimaldi, marquis de, of Naples, i.
98, 110

------duke, of Rome, i. 233

Guarini, at the court of Naples, L

Guide, paintings by, i. 228

Guyenne, province of, i. 45

Guillotine, the, ii. 104 n., 181,

Guise, Francis duke de, shot by
Poltrot, i 27

— Henry of Lorraine, duke de,
murder of, i. 32

•-----Louis, cardinal de, assassi-
nated in prison, i. 33

Guyer, the, mountain torrent, L

HALL, Mr., his six months at Paris,

i. 2i
Hamilton, Sir William, ambassador

to Ferdinand IV., at Naples, L

179, 2015 ii- 258; his fondness

for play, ii. 280
•-----Emma, lady, her arrival at

Naples, i. 179, 201, 223 ; ii. 258;

Lord Nelson's letters to,   275,

277; letter from the Queen of

Naples to, 261
Hamilton, Mrs., sister-in-law of Sir

William Hamilton, i. 387
Hanau, mansion of the prince of

Hesse Cassel, near the town of,


Hanoverian troops, the, i. 86
Harcourt, duke d', governor of the

Dauphin, ii. 15
Hastings, marquis of, when earl of

Moira, ii. 267

Hautefort, M. d', iu 161, 172
Havre, duke d', ii. 23
Helvetius, posthumous book of, L

I3» 334

Henry IV. of France, iL 150
Hesse Cassel, landgrave of, i. 366

and note

Hoche, general, ii, 175
Horace, his villa described, L 218,

220; MSS. of, 234
Houdetot, countess d3, ii. 188
Howard, Mr., the philanthropist, i


Hungary, state of religion in, i. 340
Hunting of wild boars, shooting,

and field sports: of Italy, i. 137,

173, 201; by the royal family in

France, ii. 7 et seq.

INFANTADO, duke del, i. 101

Innocent X., cardinal Pamfili, L
208; his sister-in-law, Donna
Olympia Maidalchina, 214

Inscriptions, ancient, i. 58,^ 140

Ionic order, volute of the, i. 221

Irish society, i. 215

Iron Mask, the mysterious prisoner
named the, i. 170, 171 n.; ii. 53

Ischia, island of, L 151; its climate
and odoriferous shrubs, 151

Isnard, de*putŁ, ii 172, 178 ^

Italy, republics and affairs ^of,
during the French Revolution,
ii. 232. See Bonaparte, 280

Ivernois, Sir Francis d', ii, 27

jACCl, prince de, at Naples, L 122

James II., his court at St. Germain,
iL 29

Janni, prince de, his villa of Resina,
L 145

Jansenists, the, i» 25

Jesuits of Naples, &c., L 165 5 sup-
pression of the, 225